Another Sugarmaker Takes the Torch!

We posted our equipment for sale yesterday and were amazed with the response.  Dozens of people reached out to us in the last 24 hours, it is nice to see so much energy around agriculture and maple specifically.  Some people replied asking about specific equipment, some people replied and asked about multiple pieces, and a few replied asking about taking everything as a turn-key operation.  One such couple decided to come yesterday afternoon to look at the entire operation, and then called me this morning to let us know that they will buy everything.  As you can imagine this makes things much easier for us, and it was a very fair price both both them and us.  They are just starting to add maple to their existing farm and now they have everything they need from sugarbush management to making confections, and everything in between.  We will post more information on their operation when it becomes available – we’re sure it will be a fantastic destination for you and your families.

We appreciate your interest and on the slim chance something doesn’t go through, or if we find they don’t want everything, we will let everyone know.

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