Edgewood lines going up hill are run

As you go past the old farm off to the left at Edgewood, and go up the hill towards the Cullen Estate, you will now see two runs of mainline, one on the right and one on the left. It was an interesting day as it was nice for most of the day with a slight breeze. But at 3pm we were hit with a freak white-out. We watched a wall of snow travel up the field as we ran to the pickup truck just in time as it hit us. The white-out lasted about 12 minutes and then we were able to continue working. Such is the way when working with Mother Nature.

The run on the left as you go up the hill has 10 trees (some Silver Maple but most Sugar Maple), all having 4 taps each. There is some wind damage on two of the trees, but the crowns are full and so we will focus on the parts of the tree that are unaffected vertically to the healthy parts of the crown.

The run on the right as you go up the hill as 8 trees (again some Silver Maple but mostly Sugar Maple), all having 4 taps each.

Again, we haven’t tapped but just running the lines in advance.

And just as a matter of opinion, to counter the treachery of snow, wind and cold, we have to say that this area is some of the most beautiful in North Andover. We suggest that the community go and explore these areas and experience some of nature’s best in your own backyard.


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