Equipment For Sale

After 12 seasons Turtle Lane Maple Farm is closing its doors.  We are a small family farm and work a 500 tap operation.  Our sugarbush consisted of distributed locations around town, using tubing, gravity feeding tanks, in which we would collect every night.  Lines would be put up and taken down every season.  We invested in optimal equipment (almost all equipment purchased new) to make labor and operation as efficient as possible.  We are looking to sell, either as a whole for a turnkey operation or individual components.

Comprehensive, fully operational, turnkey equipment includes:

·        2’ x 6’ Leader Patriot Evaporator (raised flue) with forced draft

·        All stainless smoke stack

·        Marcland Automatic Draw-off with oversized display

·        Marcland evaporator level indicator

·        Leader 16” x 34” Gas Finisher

·        Marcland Temp Monitor with oversized display

·        7” Filter Press

·        Poly tanks (60gal, 110gal, 125gal, 225gal)

·        425gal pickup truck tank

·        500gal stainless milk tank

·        Tank stands

·        Marcland Tank Level monitors (new never used)

·        UV Sterilizers

·        Pumps of various sizes (some new never used)

·        Reverse Osmosis

·        3Phase Converter (new never used)

·        Leader Candy Machine

·        Leader Cream Machine

·        Filter housings

·        Hydrometers and Refractometers

·        Tubing (5/16” and ½”)

·        Tubing Fittings (numerous types include taps, tees, etc)

·        1 ¼” Ribbed Hoses

·        Camlock fittings

·        Various tubing tools (including 1 hand and 2 hand tools)

·        Food grade piping and fittings

·        5 Gallon buckets with covers

·        Rubbermaid food grade totes (18gal, 38gal, 52gal)

·        Heating cables for keeping piping thawed

·        3 point hitch tractor implements

·        1 ton pickup truck with integrated electric sap pump (with remote)

·        And much much more

We work full time jobs but can be available to show equipment to serious buyers during evenings and weekends by appointment.  Email
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