Finally – A Taste of Spring!

Between Sunday afternoon and this evening we got all our taps set, and we couldn’t have done it without the help of Farmer Jay – THANKS A MILLION for all your help!!!

Mother Nature has woken from her lazy winter slumber and blessed us with a few days of warmer weather.  Tonight we were able to fill our collection tank with 450 gallons of sap – very exciting, it’s been a long time coming!  Looking at the 10 day forecast it appears that this is going to be relatively short-lived with only 2 of the next 10 days having temps over 40 degrees.  So, let’s make syrup while we can!  Hoping to be boiling and open for tours this upcoming weekend on Saturday and Sunday.  Check back later this week and we will confirm on both this web page as well as on our facebook page.  Not sure about the weekend of March 22 yet – it’s still too early to make the call.  Nothing like a New England winter, huh?  Hope to see you this weekend!

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