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  1. pete says:

    this is a nice site!

  2. carla turner says:

    Hi what a nice sight , we’ve been making syrup for the public for about 18 years now and we still love it it really teaches your children more than you’ll ever know. And makes for a great college essay. We’ve had a few cookies for years now and I’ve always wondered how to preserve them. Thanks for the info. Incidently just thought I’d let you know we just started tapping today. We are in the lower most easternly part of the state. And this year its just one tapper for 4000 trees. I think my husband will be the donut man meeting himself at the front door each day. (we also own a dairy farm). Anyway best of luck to you and your family. You’ll never regret the R.O. Machine.

  3. Debra Novak says:

    This site is awesome. I’m Kathy’s sister and I live in Naperville, IL. Reading all about her “hobby” is extremely exciting for me, it’s like I’m actually there. I hear about all of the hard work they do and I don’t know how they fit it into their busy schedules, (Kathy’s daughter’s are very talented dancers and they are always on the go) and this Maple Sugaring is just another accomplishment of hers that just amazes me.

  4. Hi Paul & Kathy,

    Looking forward to the Maple kickoff event! Nice job on the website too!

    Mad Maggies Ice Cream

  5. LaWanna and Marty Jensen says:

    This is a very impressive site. We will be trying out some of the recipes this weekend, although I’m sure the results won’t be as good without authentic syrup.
    West Linn, Oregon

  6. The Wolman Family says:

    Thanks so much for a wonderful tour! Our kids, 4 and 2 had a fantastic time and we so thoroughly appreciate people who care about where our food is coming from. Our little maple syrup addicts will be enjoying your products for a few months at least!

  7. Linda Macone says:

    Hello Farmer Paul and Farmer Kathy!
    Thank you so much for the wonderful tour this morning! It is so informative and fun….even for grown-ups touring without children! We could see how much fun the little tour members were having….and we all enjoyed all of the yummy samples! We know how hard you both work and we just wanted you to know that it is appreciated!
    Thanks, again! We’ll be back next year with the grandkids!
    Linda & Tony Macone
    Nahant, MA

  8. Elaine Cleaves says:

    Hi we enjoyed our visit this morning however we left without the info on the icecream etc. We are just sitting down to our pancake and your syrup brunch, delicious!!!!!!!! Thankyou

  9. Megan Ho says:

    My fiance, mother and I thank you for welcoming neighbors, far and wide, into your backyard for a delicious and educational experience! We are humbled to have Turtle Lane Maple syrup added to our pantry! And, we would like you to know that after our tour, we had pancakes for dinner! Unfortunately so, our syrup is now halfway gone.

    We would love to come by for your final tour of your 2013 season to gather up on more syrup and cream! Thank you again for your hard work -from your early mornings and cold, late night hours, generosity, and teaching the public how it’s deliciously made!

    Jeff Megargell, Megan Ho, and Romana Ho
    Medford and Lynn, Massachusetts

  10. Louisa says:

    Wow – Kathy and Paul are such great hosts and tour guides! So many great tastes –8 samples…pretty out of this world — and such good explanations. Their tour includes just the right amount of knowledge and it really appealed to some of the geeks in the room. Now I know that my favorite stage of maple syrup is the second stage, after it’s been boiling for a bit but before it becomes really thick and syrupy…

    Thanks for a great tour — see you next year, hopefully!

  11. Dean W says:

    In our house, only pure maple syrup is allowed for several reasons – in my opinion, it tastes far better and is likely better for you (if you’re going to eat sweets) than the alternative, hihgly-processed, high fructose corn-syrup variety; it celebrates a tradition that uses locally harvested, sustainable resources and keeps that tradition alive; and supports local farmers/agriculture. I fondly remember as a boy going to visit a maple farm with my family. By welcoming visitors to your maple farm and creating such an enjoyable experience with your tour, presentation and samples, you are helping to build great memories for future generations.

    We had a great time this past weekend, and will be sure to stop in again for more of your delicious maple syrup, maple cream, maple sugar and maple candy! We even went to Mad Maggie’s Ice Cream afterward to have some fabulous maple walnut ice cream made with your syrup. Thanks for doing what you do!

  12. Patricia Nunley says:

    I’m looking forward to our annual trip to your sugarhouse! I love your website and thank you for all the joy and sweetness you bring to our family and friends.

  13. Christine says:

    It’s been 2 days and we still can’t stop talking about your tour! Thank you so much. This was our first maple sugaring presentation and we were definitely not disappointed at all. We are inspired by you both and appreciate your service and passion for your hobby and for your community. What a wonderful way to spend an afternoon; and looking forward to using the maple syrup we brought home =-).

  14. Heather says:

    I just want to say thank you from my entire family. Your presentation was excellent. My children loved the samples and really learned so much. We had done a tour in Vermont a few years ago and your tour was 100% better.

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