We love visitors!!

Although today started off with some light snow, it turned out to be a really nice day.  What made it nice for us is so many wonderful people coming out to our maple farm.  We saw so many smiling and warm faces, eager to taste samples, learn a little and laugh a little.

For those of you just finding out about us, we are Farmer Paul and Farmer Kathy, and every spring during the month of March we open our sugar house to the community to teach about the history of maple in New England, how we get sap from the tree, and how we make it into all sorts of yummy things.

The sugar house is open from 9am till around 4:15 or so every Saturday and Sunday during March, and people are welcome to show up any time.  You don’t need reservations and you don’t need to call in advance, just bring yourself (and lots of friends) and be ready to see how we go from tree to table with sweet treats along the way.


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