What’s New

2008 Season – Things Keep Getting Better!

In 2006 we had approximately 200 school children, many group tours and nearly 500 visitors stop by to learn about maple sugaring and to see our operation. In 2007 we had over 800 visitors, and in 2008 we are hoping to break the 1,000 visitor mark! We give tours and tastes to everyone who comes, and we truly enjoy meeting everyone and sharing our hobby. In 2007 we decided to build a new sugar house, and it was wonderful to have more space for tours. We are very excited about our new abilities to host larger groups and to have more space to expand our operation.

If you visited us last year, you should plan another trip because things are always changing. In 2007 we added several new pieces of equipment, including a filter press, a bottling unit and a candy making machine. This year we’re hoping to have our reverse osmosis machine up and running. We also have a neat, new tool which will help demonstrate the relationship between barometric pressure and the boiling point of water (which is one critical measure when producing maple products!) Along with that we have a new automatic draw off unit which will be fun for you to see. Last year we produced maple candy for the first time, and this year we purchased a snow cone machine so we can make sugar on snow without waiting for Mother Nature to do her part! We have also found some antique maple sugaring artifacts we can share with you. We hope you can stop by if you have an opportunity!