Making Syrup

When it is time to boil the sap…

  1. The sap is pumped from the holding tank into the sugar house using a stainless steel pump
  2. The sap first goes back through two Ultra-violet sterilization units
  3. Then the sap goes through a 10 micron filtration cartridge
  4. The sap is emptied into a 125 gallon poly tank in the attic of the sugar house
  5. The sap is then gravity fed from the holding tank in the attic to the evaporator.  The sap flow is controlled first by a manual ball valve to temper flow, and then by a float valve in the evaporator to keep a standard level of sap in the back pan (the “sap pan”).
  6. The sap enters

2 Responses to Making Syrup

  1. Greg Bird says:

    Hi folks, I live here in NA and last year you inspired us to tap our 6 – 7 maple trees! It was an interesting venture that yielded a few pints of syrup… This year we are upgrading our collection equipment… It’s a fun diversion during the winter…

    My question is about boiling the sap… Should we be using a stainless steel pot vs. other options like an aluminum pot?

    Thanks for your advise!

    Greg & Pam Bird

    • tlmfadmin says:

      Any standard household cooking pot should be fine. The only thing you want to stay away from would be lead, which you probably don’t have. In the sugarhosue all of our equipment is stainless, but it is not a requirement. Would love to hear how you’re doing – post an update if you have a chance!

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