Collecting Sap

Collecting the Sap…

  1. Go to each collection site
  2. Either pump the sap or bucket the sap by hand into a collection tank in the pickup truck
  3. Bring back the sap to the sugar house
  4. Pump the sap from the collection tank in the pickup truck into the sugar house
  5. The sap first travels through a 10 micron filter, where all particles big and small are removed from the sap
  6. The sap then travels through two Ultra-violet sterilization units, where most of the bacteria in the sap is killed.
  7. The sap is then pumped out to a 500 gallon stainless steel insulated holding tank behind the sugar house

3 Responses to Collecting Sap

  1. Jean says:

    We have just returned from a very informational and entertaining tour of your sugarhouse. I was not prepared for such a professional operation. I think we all learned a lot today.

    Loved all the samples!

    Thank you for the interesting experience.

  2. Gary Ramsey says:

    Are you open for tours in Sept or Oct 2015

    • tlmfadmin says:

      Unfortunately we can only do tours during Maple Season, which is typically the month of March. Nothing to see in other months as we cannot produce when sap is not flowing.

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