2104 Maple Season Comes to a Close

Although the season was short it was another great one, thanks to the nearly 2.000 visitors who came out during the last 3 weekends of March.  We produced 71 gallons of syrup, which is beyond what we had projected for this very short 2014 season.  Now we are on to cleanup activities starting today.  We will be in the field washing and taking down all of our lines, an annual ritual that starts the “season of cleaning” for TLMF.  Tomorrow will start the cleaning of hoses and equipment in the sugar house.

If you are looking for syrup, it can be purchased at J&M or Butcher Boy in North Andover, or at Elia’s Country Store in Wilmington or at Ryers Country Store in North Reading.  If you cannot find what you’re looking for, please send an email to info@turtlelanemaplefarm.com and we can help you.  (Email is better than phone calls as we are not so good at returning calls.)  We also have some maple candy, maple cream and maple sugar at the farm if you are interested,  just drop us a note and we can coordinate a day/time for you to pick it up.  We do not ship – that’s a whole other set of time consuming activities that we simply cannot undertake, so apologies to those of you who are not local.

Have a great year, and please look us up next year!

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