So excited about the upcoming season!

This weekend Paul’s mom and sister will be coming out to the sugar house to help us clean up and prepare for the 2011 sugaring season!  We will be cleaning from top to bottom, taking a complete inventory, and getting the wood pile replenished.  There are sure to be a few repairs to be made – hopefully nothing major!

We were contacted by Edible Boston magazine, and they’ll be doing an article on us in their next issue – so very exciting!  The content for the article is about done, and we’re preparing for a photo shoot in the sugar house next weekend.  We’re honored to have been chosen for this article, and look forward to seeing the final publication.

We just started putting together a calendar to start scheduling tours for this year – have 4 inquirires already, and surely many more will be coming in.  We need to contact the schools and start scheduling the North Andover 3rd graders for their annual field trip. 

Have also been trying to update the web site – many pages are terribly out of date.  I’m having particular difficulty with the group tour page – one of the most important pages on the site.  For some reason it won’t publish the new content I’ve typed, which is very frustrating.  I really could use some web site development training…some other day though – just too much going on right now!

Really looking forward to the upcoming months with anticipation – hope to see you all at the sugar house in March!

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