Let the Tapping Begin!

Alright – Mother Nature woke up and decided it’s time to get us out of the frozen temps into something more appropriate for March!  This weekend we’re hanging lines and tapping trees in anticipation of the warm weather coming starting early next week.  Plan is to have our first boil (and therefore first tours) on Saturday, March 14.  Check back during the week for exact details.

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8 Responses to Let the Tapping Begin!

  1. Katie kelepoyris says:

    Bring on spring. I run a Girl Scout troop in chelmsford and was hoping to set up a tour for either this weekend coming up or the following weekend. I have thirteen girls and they are every excited to see the sugaring process. Please email or call me @ 617-605-7471. I
    Look forward to hearing from you and touring your facility. Thank you and have a great week.

    Katie kelepouris

    • tlmfadmin says:

      You can come any weekend when we’re running tours, you don’t need advance notice. We run free tours back to back Saturdays and Sundays from 9am – 4pm. The tours are indoors when the weather is bad, but with all the melting and rain it’s a bit muddy getting back to the sugar house so we recommend you have the girls wear boots. Hope you can make it out for a visit!

  2. Pam Bird says:

    I live here in North Andover and tapped nine of our trees on Sunday 3/8. This is only our second season tapping. Looking for your advice, 3 to 4 of our tree spiles seem completely dry ( these did produce last season) should we change location on the tree and retap?


    • tlmfadmin says:

      Don’t re-tap – you’re experiencing what all producers seem to be experiencing. The sap just isn’t flowing yet because it was so very cold for so very long. We checked the mapletrader blogs and everyone is saying the same thing. We only had a quarter of our normal collections this past week – very disappointing. And the sugars are low – only 2% which is quite disappointing for a first run. Be patient…the weather will turn eventually!

  3. Jennifer Nekl says:

    My family is interested in coming to your tour this (March 14 or 15) weekend. What time do you anticipate the tour beginning? Can we purchase products after the tour? Are you cash only or do your take credit cards as well? Thank you, Jen

    • tlmfadmin says:

      We have tours this weekend from 9-4pm. The tours are free and are indoors so don’t let the weather hold you back! We have syrup, candy, cream and sugar available for sale and we accept credit cards. Hope to see you!

  4. Dave says:

    Are you getting sap yet? We are in N Andover and none of our trees are running yet despite the warm day today !

    • tlmfadmin says:

      It’s been a very tough start this year. We had a little sap in the field – about 175 gallons – on Thursday. We checked our tanks last night and we have some sap to collect from Friday. Nothing spectacular yet, and the upcoming week looks too cold. Be patient…the sap has to thaw at some point! I checked the blogs on mapletrader and everyone is saying the same thing. It’s a late season this year, and I’m afraid it will be a short one. The sugar content was also about half of what it should be for a first run. We only had 2% sugar on our first run….very disappointing.

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